The Importance of Telling the Hero’s[1] Story
Just as the pendulum has swung back in favor of the employers, it is ever more important for candidates looking for new opportunities to hone their narrative about why they are looking and why they would be a potential “hero” in their employer’s story....
The Importance of Story Telling
It appears the pendulum has swung back, and employers may be starting to feel that they have more leverage in terms of attracting new talent. However, overconfidence is never a good thing. Storytelling has always played an important role in attracting the best talent....
Can I still move as an experienced Partner?
As we move through September and with 2024 looming - this post is all about experienced Partner moves and what the market could hold based on the conversations we’re having.
Tax Technology - Where do we start?!
Where do we start? Where do I start?! ”Tax technology” can be a confusingly broad term, sounding deceptively simple for what is without a doubt, the most complex of areas that TPI Search recruits for. Not only are there distinctly different tax tech service offerings between Big 4 firms....
Career burnout, balance and what we really value
The pace of the tax and legal profession has been relentless since 2020, with the global pandemic bringing unprecedented personal and professional challenges for us all....
Is there no getting away from the fact that there’s a compliance burden when it comes to Transfer Pricing?
In TP-topia, some feel as though the ever increasing need for compliance is burdening companies, taking attention away from a business’ real focus - which is to make a tonne of cash (sorry, create value for shareholders)!
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