Is there no getting away from the fact that there’s a compliance burden when it comes to Transfer Pricing?
In TP-topia, some feel as though the ever increasing need for compliance is burdening companies, taking attention away from a business’ real focus - which is to make a tonne of cash (sorry, create value for shareholders)!
Inflation and it’s ever-increasing Transfer Pricing Implications
We’re all aware of the impact COVID-19 had on businesses, from supply chain disruptions to ever-increasing prices, but this now paired with Europe’s current crisis has only meant for more problems with inflation increasing and prices surging higher than ever....
Transfer Pricing and Value Creation in M&A Deals
Hands up if you knew there was nearly $6 trillion in M&A deal flow value in 2021? Tax gurus have always played a role in M&A whether it be through assisting investors in protecting themselves against potential future tax exposures or generating value once deals are completed (or more likely, both).
Welcome to 2022!
Well, that is just about Working Week 1 done for 2022. Just enough time for some quick observations before the weekend....
It’s that time again. To talk about time. We all have a finite amount of it each day. How well do we use it? How much do we waste? Recruitment processes take time. Often much more time than necessary....
Transfer Pricing, Job Changes and Why
It is fair to say that #TP and #InternationalTax have well and truly bounced back in 2021. With this in mind, if you are a #TransferPricing professional looking for a different career opportunity in 2021, you might want to consider the following....
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