Can I still move as an experienced Partner?


As we move through September and with 2024 looming - this post is all about experienced Partner moves and what the market could hold based on the conversations we’re having.

Despite the spluttering start to 2023, the team at TPI are working strategically with clients around the globe that are wholeheartedly focused on strengthening their leadership across tax, digital and finance. Whether you’re driven by a location move, a step up in role or have the desire to join a firm that structures their service lines in a different way that “makes better sense”, we’d love to speak to you.

If you’ve been a Partner for more than 5 years with the same firm, it’s not unusual to feel at a crossroads, perhaps wanting new challenges which lead to soul searching around where to next take your career.

Outside of your personal motivations, there can also be key factors beyond your control that feature in your decision making process. Changes in board leadership and strategy or the political landscape of the country you’re residing in creates sea changes that may not have existed as a newly promoted Partner.

For a discussion around the market and where it could take you, feel free to get in touch with me at, Aaron Leslie at or Rebecca Nash at - 2024 is looking promising therefore we’re happy to share these insights with you.

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