It’s that time again. To talk about time.

We all have a finite amount of it each day. How well do we use it? How much do we waste?

Recruitment processes take time. Often much more time than necessary.

Do you really need to interview 7 people 7 times to decide you have the “right” person for one job?

Probably not.

We always ensure that the transfer pricing professionals we work with dedicate a significant amount of time to getting to know your business and prepare for your interview. The yardstick question we always ask our clients is “are you securing the interview and offer outcomes that you expect and need"?

If the answer is “no” then where are you losing ground?

The most successful clients that we work can boast the highest offer to acceptance conversion rates through mastering the use of time in their recruitment process. These results are particularly impressive when you take into account a challenging, candidate short market.

These clients have taken the time to put themselves on the other side of their recruitment process. They’ve held the mirror up and said: “I’d work here based on what I’ve experienced”.

They respond quickly to CV submissions – sometimes the same day but certainly within 24 hours of receipt.

They organise interviews quickly and the interview process is clear, structured and makes the best use of time.

Decisions are made swiftly– and that does NOT mean recklessly. Trust your interview process to do the job it’s designed for.

Treat people how you like to be treated. Use time wisely. Be respectful.

You never know, you might just build a great team!

TP International