UK Visas: Part 1


From Jan 2021, a new immigration system will apply to non-UK Nationals wanting to come to the UK to work. The key change is that EU citizens wanting to live or work in the UK will now need to secure a visa in advance.

With TP professionals falling into the “skilled worker” category, opportunities to develop your UK career are very much there, it just needs planning!

Global employers have sponsored candidates for years and recognise that international talent makes up more than 50% of their existing teams.

Creating strong talent strategies for 2021 is going to be critical as the lead time to start dates is going to be a little longer.

Yes, it’s more inconvenient due to the red tape involved but we can work with this!

We’ve had lots of conversations with Talent Acquisition Directors this year about these issues, helping to shape strategies for bringing TP talent into the UK that truly reflects the diversity and international focus of their clients.

Attracting the best TP talent in Europe is still high on the agenda for our clients.

We also know that the emphasis on staff retention and development will become very important due to the immigration changes.

TP International