TPI locations: introducing the Middle East

Posted 28/9/2018 by Aaron Lesley


Dubai is now a world-renowned tourist destination, thanks to its lavish hotels and developments, exotic beaches, extreme sports, unparalleled shopping opportunities, and more.

The discovery of oil in the 1960’s accelerated growth in Dubai with an influx of foreign oil companies and workers adding to Dubai’s already well known trading economy. Over time, diversification has ensured strong economic growth across many other industry sectors including tourism, financial services, transport and real estate.


Doha is the capital of Qatar, one of the world's richest countries. Beyond the bling, it's also a thriving artistic centre, with regular arts events and leading modern art galleries, as well as a new National Museum courtesy of French architect Jean Nouvel. And then there are the soaring new football stadiums being built ahead of the 2022 World Cup.


Riyadh is the political, financial and administrative capital of Saudi Arabia and one of the wealthiest cities in the world. Giant modern towers rise above the desert whilst shiny 4WDs populate the slick, modern highways. It’s also awash with fine hotels and restaurants and some excellent sightseeing opportunities.

TP Careers in the Middle East

From a transfer pricing perspective the opportunities in the Middle East are exciting and varied. Joining a fast growing team focusing on outbound planning and restructuring projects not only offers challenging technical experience but you will also be given significant responsibility, thus developing your client management and team leadership skills. Outbound and inbound investment restructuring, transfer pricing, cross-border cash planning and profit repatriation, funding and currency issues, withholding tax and international double taxation issues are just a few of the complex problems facing Multinational companies in the Middle East that candidates taking up the challenge will have the opportunity to work on.

TP International is currently working on a number of specific assignments in the Middle East. Arabic language skills are highly desirable, however fluent/native English skills and complex TP experience from the UK, Australia, Canada and Europe are welcomed. From Consultants through to Senior Managers/Directors, if you are interested in working in Dubai, Doha or Riyadh then please contact Aaron Leslie for a confidential discussion at:

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