TPI locations: introducing Australia

Posted 28/9/2018 by Aaron Lesley

When you think of Australia, the headlines come thick and fast: barbeques at Christmas, Bondi beach, the Sydney Opera House, Ayres Rock (or Uluru), and, of course, Australian Football and Rugby Union!

Large and cosmopolitan

Australia is also the world's sixth-largest country and 13th-largest economy. It has a population of 25 million and major cities include the capital Canberra, largest city Sydney, as well as Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Australia is cosmopolitan too, with immigrants accounting for 26% of the population, offering visitors and residents a wide variety of culinary and cultural treats to explore.

Nature, history & travel

Australia is a hugely bio-diverse country, boasting deserts, tropical rainforests, mountain ranges and, of course, world-famous beaches and coral reefs. Indigenous Australian rock art is the oldest and richest in the world, dating as far back as 60,000 years and spread across hundreds of thousands of sites.

TP Careers in Australia

So what does Australia have to offer ambitious TP professionals seeking their next career step? Well, the short answer is – a lot, particularly if you have the right experience, attitude and aptitude!

TP International is currently recruiting for a number of positions for key consulting clients across Australia. For the past decade, a lot of the routine assembly of TP documentation and benchmarking has been outsourced, largely to India or Malaysia resulting in outstanding opportunities for TP professionals to develop in an advisory capacity. The work on offer in Australia is very challenging from a technical and commercial perspective; so we are seeing a lot of candidates with open minds, looking for long term career improvement, willing to move continents to take advantage of the amazing lifestyle.  Coupled with the complex, challenging TP projects widely available, a TP career in Australia can really set you on the way to TP superstardom!

Fluency in English is absolutely paramount and demonstrable experience of working or studying in a predominantly English-speaking environment will be highly desirable, if not mandatory for some firms. It will also be helpful if you can demonstrate that you have pre-existing knowledge or experience of working with Australian companies, Australian TP or broader international tax issues. Having prior work experience in a jurisdiction with an advanced sophisticated Tax Authority with a penchant for audit activity will do you no harm either. In demand candidates will have experience from the UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, France, The Nordics, The Netherlands, Singapore & Hong Kong.

For a more comprehensive discussion about what a transfer pricing career in Australia can offer, please contact TP International’s Director of Asia & Australia, Aaron Leslie at:

Aaron spent 8 years in Sydney as a senior transfer pricing specialist so he is expertly placed to offer advice and guidance on your career advancement in the Australian market.

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