Our story

How an idea went from the back of a napkin to the boardroom of every leading firm in the global transfer pricing market.

In pursuit of deeper insights

Aaron and Liz met in 2006, when Aaron responded to one of Liz’s senior London-based TP roles from Australia. Within 48 hours, Aaron had job offers and he relocated a few months later. The idea for a specialist transfer pricing recruitment consultancy was formed over several beers in Smithfield, London. Aaron and Liz wanted to go beyond what generalist recruiters were doing. They wanted to offer deep industry insight across the globe and provide genuine specialist expertise.

Liz was one of the first recruiters in the UK to focus on TP as a specialism, with a strong reputation and an expanding international network. Aaron had over 16 years experience as a TP practitioner, working in 5 countries: UK, Australia, Switzerland, Canada and New Zealand. This synergy between recruitment experience and technical TP experience sets TP International apart from other generalist tax recruiters.

TP International is born

In 2008, armed with the napkin that the initial business plan was drafted on, TP International was born (and not long after, so was Aaron’s first child). From day one, they knew there was an appetite from both clients and candidates to work with a specialist firm - with people who truly understood the nuances of the global transfer pricing market. Aaron and Liz’s philosophy back then - to give honest, transparent advice in a collaborative environment with real responsiveness - still underpins everything they do today.

Fast-paced and dynamic

Aaron and Liz are now more than a decade into their adventure together with TP International. It’s a dynamic and fast-paced sector and they have enjoyed seeing their firm succeed. But they’re not resting on their laurels. They’re as passionate about the complex and ever-changing TP environment as they were in 2008. They share a desire to ensure that TP International’s candidates and clients remain connected, informed and uniquely positioned to take full advantage of opportunities across the planet.

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